History and values

Since 1982, the company Bernard & Bernard continues its development in all serenity, offering to its customers the best of the transport and the logistics.

A strategic location

Located on 60 000m2 in the heart of a European logistics area and a few meters from the main roads of France, our family business is less than two hours from major cities.

An international vocation

Working with clients of national and European stature, Bernard & Bernard also knew how to make of the east a privileged destination.
Genuine specificity, the exploitation of the axis serving Germany and Poland prompted the company to set up a subsidiary in Warsaw, guaranteeing full availability to local customers and local administrations.

Reliability, quality, efficiency, availability

Values of our Company: Proximity, Performance & Pragmatism

Operational 7 days a week, for both logistics and transport, the company focuses on the flexibility and speed of its services.

In addition, our human-sized potential is composed of experienced and permanently trained professionals.

Bernard & Bernard is above all the daily assurance of having the best material and human resources, in order to provide quality services in line with your needs.

Our park

Our fleet is made of more than 120 engines and 150 trailers, including:

In addition, we also have an integrated workshop and a complete cleaning installation on our Artoipôle site.